Phoenix Mountain Silhouette

About This Website — Frequently Asked Questions


Why have a website?

The internet and world wide web (www) have become a very pervasive part of everyday communication in our modern culture. Since, by our own Fifth Tradition, we are bound by our primary purpose to reach out to sex addicts who still suffer, we use this pervasive medium to our advantage in communicating with such persons. When someone reaches out for help through that medium in the Phoenix area, our local SAA fellowship will be there to help. As a secondary purpose, we use this website to keep our local fellowship informed of what's happening in the Phoenix metro area and in SAA as a whole.


Who runs this website?

This website is owned and operated by the Phoenix Metro Area SAA Intergroup. We act in service to the local meetings represented in our area and derive our ability and authority to do so through them and them only. Ultimately, the Intergoup and this website answer to our local fellowship and its meetings. In general, the content you see here is approved by the Intergroup for posting, with certain discretion given to the webmaster.


What is your relationship to the International Website?

We have no formal relationship to the International Service Organization (ISO) of SAA or its website. We are an autonomous entity. We are listed at the ISO website because we adhere to certain guidelines set up by ISO and its Board of Directors. This is a courtesy provided by the ISO site. We likewise list the ISO site here as a courtesy.


Do you speak for SAA as a whole?

The answer to this is an emphatic "NO"! We are merely a local group who affiliate ourselves loosely with the International Service Organization (ISO) of SAA. We do not represent SAA or speak for SAA as a whole. We have our own opinions and our own ways of conducting business, but no one should infer that the way we do anything is necessarily the way ISO does it or thinks it should be done.


When did you start doing this?

This website began in 2001 as a simple web page posting meeting lists and events for the Phoenix Area. Over the years it has evolved into the form you see today.


What is that strange orange shape at the bottom of the website banner?

The outline you see at the bottom of our masthead is the shape of the mountain skyline visible when looking to the North from Sky Harbor International Airport just to the East of central Phoenix. Camelback Mountain appears to the right and and Piestewa Peak to the center left.


Can my meeting have a homepage?

Absolutely. If you are a member of the Intergroup or you represent a meeting in the Valley, simply contact the webmaster to arrange for a meeting homepage to be set up for you.