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  Home Page The home page of Central and Northern Arizona SAA. A quick overview of the program is presented. Look for announcements of interest at the right of the page.
  About SAA A brief word about the program of SAA. Gives directions to the official website of Sex Addicts Announcements®.
  About This Site A page in the form of an FAQ (frequently-asked questions) describing this website and the purpose behind it.
  Newsletter A description of the local online fellowship newsletter which can be received by those attending meetings in the Phoenix area. This page contains links to archived versions of the newsletter, but those archives are only accessible with a password available to those already subscribed.
  Newcomers A special page for newcomers to our fellowship. You will find a welcome and a QuickStart guide designed to get you started in recovery.
  QuickStart Guide The QuickStart guide has some suggestions for starting out in SAA, including a list of titles appropriate for those just discovering what sexual addiction is and how it affects people's lives.
  Meetings Information about meetings organized in different formats. Includes a glossary of meeting terms.
  Complete List This page contains a list of all meetings in Central and Northern Arizona. They are sorted by day of the week. Each entry shows the meeting name, day of the week, time of day, location, and meeting format. Note that some meetings request attendance be restricted in some cases (for example, Men-Only or Women-Only meetings).
  Locations This page has a map showing all meeting locations in Central and Northern Arizona. By clicking on one of the locations shown, information on that particular location will be displayed.
  Home Pages A page containing links to custom home pages for individual meetings in Central and Northern Arizona
  For Women A special page on our website for women in SAA.
  Events This page explains what an SAA event is and how Non-SAA events are considered for posting at our website.
  SAA-Related Events officially "of, by, and for" the SAA fellowship.
  Non-SAA Events of interest to the recovery community, but not officially related to or endorsed by Sex Addicts Anonymous.
  Resources Things usable in recovery.
      12 Steps The Twelve Steps of SAA, adapted from those of AA.
      12 Traditions The Twelve Traditions of SAA, adapted from those of AA.
      Literature Identifies literature used in SAA and explains what SAA "approved" literature is.
          SAA-Related A brief listing of official SAA literature.
  Related Links Links to other "anonymous" organizations
  International Site External link The International Service Organization (ISO) site. This is the official worldwide website of Sex Addicts Anonymous ® (SAA).
  Contacts A page containing contact information for Central and Northern Arizona.
  Site Map This page.
  Intergroup A summary of the Central/Northern Arizona Intergroup of SAA describing what it is we do and why we do it.
      Guidelines A set of guidelines for starting and running an Intergroup. From the International Website External link.
      Representation A suggested set of guidelines addressing membership in a local intergroup. From the International Website External link.
      Members Only A page for the exclusive use of members of the Central/Northern Arizona Intergroup of SAA (a password is required to access this page).
  Privacy Notice Explains the privacy and anonymity policies of this website.